Frequently asked questions

What is a Proxy ?

A proxy is a Computer or host that allows you to send multiple requests towards a website when sending too many requests towards the website you will be banned on that specific ip. Proxies allow you to run multiple tasks.

Why Choose AUProxies ?

We won't be only providing you with the best proxies in the game. We will also share our knowledge of bettering your chances of copping the most limited of items. Proxies are just one piece of the pie. Proxies+Server+Bot = Cook. DM us @AUPROXIES and we will share our setups!

How do I purchase the proxies ?

1. Create an account.

2. Once Signed in, go to the pricing page and purchase the plan.

3. Once payment is sent proxies will automatically be delivered into your orders page

How do I configure IP AUTH ?

Go to copy and paste "IPV4" into your proxy dashboard. Every time you switch servers you will need to update your IPV4.

How do I achieve the fastest speeds ?

Our customers have had the most success with Amazon Web Servers(Vultr for Chicago proxies). To achieve the fastest speeds you will need a server in the locations of your proxies.

Chicago => Chicago

Ashburn => Ashburn

New York => New York